The clicking sound coming from the camera may be caused by the IR sensor


In an environment with light, the camera will be in normal mode and the picture will be in color. When the external environment becomes dark, the camera will switch to night vision mode and the picture will be in black and white. 


When the camera switches from day mode to night mode or from night mode to day mode, it will make a clicking sound. This is the sound of the IR-cut switch in the camera.


If the clicking sound is not caused by the IR-cut, please try to update the firmware of the baby monitor. For example, the camera makes a noise every time the monitor is displayed. Please download the firmware v3.4.0 and follow the firmware update tutorial video.



1. The baby monitor's cables don't support data transfer, please use other USB cables to update the firmware.

2. Update both the monitor and camera(s), the system functions properly only when all devices are on the same firmware version.


If you have any questions, please contact eufy customer support for further assistance.