Follow these troubleshooting tips to identify and solve your charging problem.


  • Make sure you’re using the right kind of charger for your device. 

To charge a device fast, both the connected charger and device need to support the same charging technology. For example, to fast charge a Samsung Galaxy S8, a Qualcomm Quick Charge charger is needed; to super fast charge Samsung Galaxy S21, a PPS (Programmable Power Supply) charger is required.


  • Distinguish between the total wattage and the maximum wattage.

When using a multi-port charger, take a closer look at the specs to differentiate between the total wattage and the maximum wattage that a single port can support. For example, the 60W dual-port PowerPort Atom III has a 15W USB-A port and a 45W USB-C Port.


  • Try another cable and a different outlet.


If you’re still having problems with your charging speed, you can contact MyAnker Customer Support for further assistance.