It takes 45 minutes to complete the self-drying process. During the self-drying process, the vacuum will spin the roller brush in a 360-degree direction to fully dry it. Drying the roller brush thoroughly can effectively prolong its life of the roller brush and prevent the roller brush from becoming moldy and smelly, which could accumulate bacteria.


In order not to disturb users during the process, the self-drying process is designed to be performed slowly and quietly. When the vacuum cleaner is self-drying, users do not have to constantly check up on the vacuum. Please simply allow the vacuum cleaner to complete the self-drying process automatically, which will take 45 minutes.


If users prefer not to wait for the vacuum cleaner to complete its full self-cleaning and self-drying process, please refer to the following tips:


  1. Use only the self-cleaning function. If the user's home is relatively large and the vacuum needs to perform its self-cleaning process midway through cleaning the entire house, it is recommended to use only the self-cleaning function and manually remove the vacuum cleaner from the charging base after the self-cleaning process is completed. Once the entire house has been cleaned thoroughly, then place the vacuum cleaner back on the charging base to start a full self-cleaning and self-drying process.
  2. Use only the self-drying function. If the user simply needs to dry the roller brush, please hold the trigger on the vacuum cleaner for two seconds while the MACH vacuum cleaner is on the charging base. The vacuum will begin drying the roller brush automatically.

Introducing the Self-Cleaning and Self-Drying Functions for the MACH V1 Series

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