To achieve an optimal mopping result, here are some tips:


  • Before Mopping
  1. Affix the waterproof pad under the Auto Empty Station (LR30 Hybrid+ & L35 Hybrid+) / Charging Base (LR30 Hybrid & L35 Hybrid ) to protect the floor.


  1. If the floor has too much hair or debris, it is highly recommended to vacuum the floor a few times before mopping.
  2. Wet the mopping cloth and wring it until it does not drip. Insert the cloth along the bracket slot and attach it firmly.
  3. RoboVac LR30/L35 series supports High, Mid, and Low water levels. You can set different water levels accordingly, i.e. Set high for marble floors and low for hard floors to avoid any potential damage.
  4. Do not use hot water or any cleaning solution to avoid potentially damaging the RoboVac.


  • While Mopping
  • The mopping area per mopping cycle will be different depending on the water level settings. Please check the details below:
  1. Low water level: 65sqm
  2. Mid water level: 53sqm
  3. High water level: 38sqm

Please add water to continue mopping if you have a large house.


  • After Mopping

Remove and clean the mopping cloth, dust box and water tank to prevent mildew or unpleasant smells. For the LR30 Hybrid+ and L35 Hybrid+, the RoboVac will auto-empty its dust collector when it returns to the auto empty station. 




• The mopping mode is not recommended when no one is at home. 

• The mopping mode is intended only for a clean floor without stubborn stains. To achieve an optimal mopping result, it is recommended to clean the floor with RoboVac three times before installing the mopping module.

• Remove the water tank when the RoboVac is either charging or not being used.