Generally, it is normal for a portable charger to be a little warm when charging, but it is abnormal when it gets too hot.


1. If the problem happens when the battery is recharging, please try using a different cable and another wall charger. 

2. If the problem happens when charging other devices, please try another cable and another device. 

3. If the problem happens when wirelessly charging other devices (only for wireless batteries), we suggest  moving your phone to a cooler environment and doing the following troubleshooting:

  • Take off your phone case while charging.
  • Confirm whether the battery is recharging itself and if you are using the phone at the same time.
  • Confirm if the battery gets hot while charging via the USB-C port.


If the above tips cannot help you resolve the problem, please directly contact MyAnker Customer Support for further assistance. Make sure to briefly mention the tips you’ve already tried so that a solution can be provided faster.