We've got PowerConf, PowerConf S500 and PowerConf S330 speakerphone Zoom certified. Therefore, the status of the mute button on these three models can sync with Zoom.


Microsoft Teams:

All the speakerphone models we sell are USB HID supported. This feature makes the status of the buttons on them sync with Microsoft Teams.


Note: The synchronization of the button status with these two software platforms can only be realized when the speakerphones are connected via USB cable, not via Bluetooth. 


Other meeting software platforms:

Due to certification-related reasons, the status of the buttons may not support sync with the software you are using.  But when you press "Mute" on the speakerphone, your voice will be muted even though the status on the software remains unmuted. Therefore, you can simply refer to the status of the speakerphone to confirm whether it is muted.