eufySecurity's ecosystem provides various types of security products to suit your needs, including HomeBase, eufyCam, video doorbell, entry sensor, motion sensor, floodlight camera, indoor camera, outdoor camera, smart lock and many more to help you closely monitor and record what is happening on your property by using our intuitive app on your smartphone at anytime and from anywhere.

eufySecurity's ecosystem relies on the eufySecurity app to achieve the goal.  The free eufySecurity app lets you set up your eufySecurity devices, monitor their status, change their settings and receive notifications when an event happens.  Here’s an introduction to the basics.


Get the eufySecurity App

Simply download the eufySecurity app from App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices) and start having full control of your eufySecurity devices. 


Watch Videos on Computer

For Windows users, please access the web portal to view cameras on a PC.  Please note the access to watch recorded videos that are stored on the device is currently not supported on the web portal; however, users who subscribe to our cloud storage are able to access their recorded videos via the web portal.


For Mac users, please download the eufySecurity app from Apple’s App Store to watch recorded videos.  Please note the live streaming feature is currently not supported.


Here's What You Need to Begin


eufySecurity App FAQ

1. Is the eufySecurity App free?

Yes, it is free of charge.  However, we do also provide additional charged services in the app that are optional for users, such as cloud storage and protection plan.


2. Where is the eufySecurity App available?

The eufySecurity app is available on App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play (Android devices).


3. What is the difference between the eufyHome App and the eufySecurity App? 

eufyHome is designed for smart home products, such as RoboVac, smart light bulb, smart plug and more.  eufySecurity is designed for security products only.


4. What are the compatible security devices with the eufySecurity App?

HomeBase series, eufyCam series, video doorbell series, floodlight camera series, indoor camera series, outdoor camera series, smart lock series, entry sensor, motion sensor, keypad and many more.

Note: SpaceView baby monitor series and Petcare series are not compatible with the  eufySecurity app.


5. What is the minimum operating system requirement to use the eufySecurity App?

The eufySecurity app is compatible with Android OS (5.0+) and iOS (11+) phones and tablets.  Please note using it on an operating system that does not meet the requirement may result in compatibility issues.


6. Is there a Windows/Kindle Fire version of the App?

Sorry.  The eufySecurity app is not compatible with Windows phones and tablets or Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.


7. Can I share the device(s) with my family?

Yes.  At the current stage, one device in the app can be shared with up to five guest accounts.  See Share Your eufySecurity Devices With Your Family.


8. How do I update the eufySecurity App?

The eufySecurity app will display a pop-up notification window after the app is launched when there is an update available.  You can also visit Google Play (Android devices) or App Store (iOS devices) to check for updates.