Please note that the new MACH V1 series is designed using forward-only traction. The MACH V1 series is equipped with a motor that pulls the vacuum in a forward motion, making cleaning easy and effortless. When cleaning your entire house, simply push the vacuum forward and navigate the vacuum to effectively clean your floors.


The cleaning effect of the MACH vacuum cleaner being pushed forward will be much better than the vacuum being backward. When it comes to cleaning stubborn stains, it is recommended to run the vacuum cleaner over stains slowly and let the steam nozzles spray the stains for up to 30 seconds in order to soften the stains. Please note that this method will produce a more effective cleaning result when it comes to removing stubborn stains.


Compared with some of the other wet and dry vacuum cleaners on the market that are designed with both forward and backward traction, the MACH V1 series has the following advantages:

  1. Forward-only traction will leave fewer water stains.
  2. Forward-only traction produces better and more effective cleaning results. If the vacuum also has backward traction, the process of pulling back and forth takes time for the vacuum to adjust to its motion, not to mention it requires much more effort to manually pull the vacuum backward and then push it forward.


It is recommended to hold the handle on the vacuum with one of your hands facing toward the floor as shown in the following image, keep the main body of the vacuum at a 35-40° angle to the ground, and follow the vacuum's forward motion to efficiently and effortlessly clean your entire house.