The JetBlade™ floor quick-drying function enables the MACH V1 Ultra to quickly blow-dry the floor as the vacuum cleans the floor. This unique function prevents your family members from slipping or pets from leaving pawprints due to wet and slippery floors.


To either enable or disable the JetBlade™ floor quick-drying function, simply press the self-cleaning button on the vacuum three times consecutively when the MACH vacuum cleaner is cleaning.

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In steam mode, the high-temperature steam condenses into water droplets. Also, when cleaning bathrooms or wet messes, you might see a few water stains. These water stains will become dry in a short period of time. However, it is recommended to enable the JetBlade™ floor quick-drying function to dry the floors faster in order to eliminate any potential issues due to wet floors. After enabling and using the JetBlade™ floor quick-drying function, your family members can instantly walk on the floor barefoot without having to worry about any potential risks of slipping due to wet floors.