The Tesla Valve Mixing™ of the MACH V1 series is designed to automatically mix cleaning solution with water to effectively remove tough stains on your floors.


Compared with the other wet and dry vacuums on the market, the new MACH V1 Ultra and MACH V1 do not require users to manually mix a suitable amount of cleaning solution with water to prevent the vacuum from producing excessive foam bubbles.


Please note that there is an independent tank on the MACH vacuum cleaner for users to add eufy cleaning solution. By using the built-in Tesla Valve Mixing™ technology, the MACH vacuum cleaner will automatically mix water with cleaning solution using a perfect dilution ratio to effectively clean your floors. The tank also has the capacity to store enough cleaning solution for approximately one month of usage, which keeps your hands clean and you don't have to add it from time to time.

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Additionally, there is a cleaning solution switch located next to the LCD screen on the vacuum. You can open it by turning it in a counterclockwise direction, or close it by turning it in a clockwise direction. If you prefer to use only water while you are cleaning your floors, simply turn the cleaning solution switch to the closed position for the vacuum to use only water.

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