Q1: What is the lifespan of Anker portable chargers?

A: Anker portable chargers can last up to 300-500 complete charge cycles. Keep in mind that these are only estimates and can vary according to the frequency of use and other factors.


Q2: What is the optimized operating temperature and storage temperature of Anker portable chargers?

A: The optimized operating temperature is from 0°F to 77°F (0℃ to 25℃). If you're storing the batteries for 1 month, a good rule of thumb is to keep them at 14°F to 113°F (-10°C to 45°C) and at 14°F to 95°F (-10°C to 35°C) if you're storing them for 3 months.


Q3: How do you preserve the lifespan of Anker portable chargers?

A: It is recommended to recharge the portable chargers at least once every 3 months.


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